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New Book Introduces Aspiring Authors to the World of Assisted Self-Publishing

Assisted Self-Publishing: A VERY brief study of the road less traveled in publishing

(November 23, 2019) – Self-publishing is fast becoming popular among authors in this digital age. Many writers have become proud authors of their own works. A new book by Juan Galvan now sheds light on assisted publishing – the way to self-publish a book by taking help from an experienced third-party. “Assisted Self-Publishing: A VERY brief study of the road less traveled in publishing” is now available from Amazon.

Traditional book publishing industry is indeed difficult to break into. Many people dream of seeing their name on the cover page of a book. Becoming an author appears daunting, but many technicalities need to be overcome even with digital self-publishing, as it may turn out to be anything but a cake walk.

All writers, amateur or experienced, can get their stories, opinions, thoughts and dreams published, and without tears, thanks to assisted self-publishing. There will be no need to depend on publishing houses, as technical details can be outsourced.

“Assisted Self-Publishing” tells readers what it takes to self-publish a book by relying on a trusted third party. The reader will get an overview of the field, the pros and cons of the model, and four popular trends in assisted self-publishing. They will also understand how ASP is different from vanity publishing, and whether it is the right path for them. The book winds up looking at the future of this new model.

If you’re an aspiring author and the publishing process feels too daunting and hard, Assisted Self-Publishing may be right for you. This book arms you with the knowledge you need to make that decision and begin your journey to becoming a successful author!” says Juan Galvan.

Juan Galvan is an author, editor and Latino Muslim advocate. As an author of several titles, Juan carries a rich understanding of different forms of publishing and the online book distribution industry.

Assisted Self-Publishing: A VERY brief study of the road less traveled in publishing” is available from Amazon.

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